Lauren Tashiro

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

my heart aches

though you’re right next to me

you do so much for me

yet i still want more

we’ve spent so much time apart

that when we’re together

i want you all to myself

i don’t want snuggling

i want to be caressed

i don’t want to sleep

i want to make love

my heart goes silent

knowing that i’m so greedy

but you’re the only one i can ask

you’re the only one who can give

the only one who can give me the love i want

yet it still isn’t enough

am I going to be able to live with you

for the rest of our lives

when you give in every time

my heart aches



Lauren Tashiro

Lauren Tashiro

A Technical Writer trying to become an Author | Writing Without Thinking Too Hard